Data analysis

The most important task of PricePanorama is the proper and regular collection of price data and recognition of identical products in many stores.

We provide our clients with 3 ways to use this data.

The application

Our Clients receive access to an internet application where they can browse all collected data in the form of tables and charts. The service enables very extensive report filtering and is a convenient tool for every pricing manager.

Once implementation is complete, we provide the Client with a system manual. The manual is adapted to the Client’s needs, it is adapted to their assortment and the type of integration carried out for them.

The Client can make the PricePanorama application available to any number of employees at their company.

PricePanorama App

Customer support

We offer support at every phase of co-operation

How we do it?

Data downloading

How often, from where we get the data about prices?

How does it work?

Your solution?

PricePanorama vs budilding your own tool by your own IT

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Excel file

We offer data sharing in the form of an Excel file specified to the Client’s needs. We usually receive a template with sample data and on that basis, we create a module in PricePanorama, which allows us to generate the required file, filled with data that is always up-to-date. The Excel file can be downloaded via the application, received by e-mail, and downloaded directly from the API.


If data from PricePanorama is to be used for the purpose of automated price management, the best solution is to download it directly through API. The PricePanorama API is based on the JSON/REST protocols. It is also possible to download data in XML or CSV format, which often facilitates integration with price management systems such as IBM Demandtec, Price(fx), and business intelligence applications such as Tableau.

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