RTV and Household Appliances

We monitor major Polish online stores, including such retailers as MediaMarkt, MediaExpert, Neonet, and Euro RTV AGD.

The scope of monitoring can be extended to any online stores, Ceneo, and Allegro.

Industry in numbers

In the last quarter of the year, one of the largest retailers adds over 5000 product listings to their website.

At the same time, they make over 200 thousand price changes across their entire offer.

Cataloging problems that PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Product recognition

Within the RTV/household appliances industry, we recognize products primarily by manufacturer and model designation. However, they are often given in different places or in different forms on the websites, so we have created algorithms that can unify this information.


For some types of products, in addition to recognizing the model, it is essential to recognize its main features. For example, iPhone smartphones, even those of the same model, come with different storage capacities and colors. Therefore, our algorithms can recognize and compare such features.


Certain products are offered to retail chains on an "exclusive" basis. These products are similar to others available on the market, but sometimes they differ in one feature. For example, a washing machine can have 1200 rpm instead of 1000 and thus also receives a unique model number. There is a tool created in PricePanorama where you can manage the mapping of such "exclusive" products to other offers so that they are also taken into account when managing prices.


We recognize and mark discounted offers, which are marked e.g. as "outlet" or otherwise describe that the product is not of full value. Thus it does not affect price comparisons between brand new products.

What do users from the RTV and household appliances industry say about PricePanorama?

We have been cooperating with Manubia, the owner of the PricePanorama tool, for over a year, and during this time we have greatly expanded our price management tools and reports, and we have greatly improved and automated the entire pricing policy of the company thanks to API integration.

Łukasz Porębski

Head of Price Management and E-Commerce Controlling Department

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