Medicine and dietary supplements

We monitor the major online pharmacies in Poland, online outlets of beauty supply stores, supermarkets as well as Ceneo and Allegro.

The scope of monitoring can be extended to any Polish and international online stores and marketplaces.

Industry in numbers

We regularly monitor 870 000 offers of medicine and dietary supplements, in 18 largest Polish online pharmacies, as well as on Ceneo and Allegro.

We are in possession of archival data from over the last 12 months, which allows us to carry out trend analyses for the past two seasons.

Cataloging problems that PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Recognizing products

In order to properly catalog competing products which allows for comparing prices between stores, algorithms recognize the type of the offered product, its manufacturer, name, dose, and key packaging.

Short use-by date

Many online pharmacies offer low-cost medicine. But these products often have a short use-by date. PricePanorama recognizes such offers and it can omit them while compiling price comparisons, or mark them upon request.

Container capacity

The capacity of the container is the key component of the price of the given product. Not all stores describe their products precisely. Some may list a product as “10 tabl”, other as “10 pcs”, and another “30t”. While matching products between listings we don’t confuse “10 tablets” with “10 suppositories”. Those medicine and dietary supplements which aren’t described precisely enough are verified by our Data Quality Management team.

Prescription medicine

We monitor all products offered by online pharmacies, including prescription medicine.

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