vs in-house solution

Common dilemma, whether to outsource or implement in your IT department

How to monitor price effectively and create long-term process in your company?


PricePanorama delivers the data in a month from signing a contract. How long will it take to your IT to provide a solution and the data?


Programmers are eager to challenge new projects, but price monitoring and offer comparison is the Data Quality Management - everyday update of price catalogs and products, unit control. It is a continuous crawlers` improvement because of website changes. Furthermore it demands constant user support and replying questions such as: “Why was this price like that last month?”


Implementation and maintenance of software to compare prices is cheaper when you choose PricePanorama. We are specialized in e-shops price monitoring. We have optimised infrastructure and plenty of algorithms, which we can use to introduce new customers.

How long will it take to create a new crawler for your IT?

How much time takes creating an application creating data reports?

How much costs infrastructure for crawlers, which can easily change IP?

Who is going to care about quality control?

Does your IT dept is able to
immediate support in case of any problem?


PricePanorama is continuously developed and every month we improve it and provide new functionalities. It is our main task. IT Departments have other duties, so developing your own tool for price monitoring is going slowly.


PricePanorama is used by Price dept in many companies with eShops. Using and implementing PricePanorama is a valuable skill for future employer, much more than working with in-house, confidential tool.

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