Books and e-books

We monitor the largest on-line stores in Poland, Ceneo, and Allegro offers.

It is the only industry where we focus exclusively on the Polish market and we already monitor 18 stores.

Industry in numbers

It is one of the largest industries in terms of the number of products offered. The five largest monitored stores offer over 450 thousand products each on average.

The biggest stores add as many as 10 thousand new products to their offer each month..

Cataloging problems that PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Product recognition

It would seem that in order to compare the offers of several stores in the book industry it is sufficient to read the ISBN or EAN number from the offer correctly. In reality, however, most often:

· the monitored store does not provide EAN numbers on its website

· different editions of the book can be found under the same EAN

· the book and the e-book have the same EAN, although these are completely different titles of different authors

Therefore, in order to properly catalog such a large number of products, we have developed algorithms that are based primarily on the analysis of the title, author, release information, and cover image. This gives us high-quality specifications.

Additional marking of the offer

In addition to information about the price and availability of products, we prepare specific reports for our clients, where we can include additional markings. An example is whether “the book is on the best-sellers list", or whether a "pre-sale" is offered

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