Car and motorcycle tires

We monitor 18 major online stores in Poland as well as all tires available on Ceneo and and all “Buy Now” offers on Allegro.

The scope of monitoring can be broadened to any Polish or international stores, auction sites, and classifieds boards.

Industry in numbers

We constantly monitor over 4 700 000 tire offerings, of which about 62% is listed on Allegro.

The tire sales industry is one of the most dynamic industries in terms of price changes. PricePanorama registers as many as 1 990 000 price changes per week.

Our algorithms recognize 6 100 tire models from 283 different manufacturers.

We possess archival data from over 12 months , which allows us to carry out trend analyses for the past two seasons.

Cataloging problems which PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.


In order to properly catalog competing products which is required for monitoring prices, you need a way to properly recognize a tire variant. For this purpose, we have built a list of over 6 100 tire variantswhich we constantly keep up to date. We have also created algorithms which can recognize tires within product names, and product description on a website, which is necessary as sellers use very different ways to describe their products. Our system knows that "CONTINENTAL VANCOFOURSEASON" is the same product as "CONTINENTAL VANCONTACT 4SEASON", and it knows it should not confuse this product with "Continental VANCO CONTACT 2".


In order to precisely recognize a product, you must know the size and speed index. PricePanorama has the capability to recognize the size based on a standard annotation such as 255/30ZR19 91Y but it can also recognize non-standards listings such as 20 R 100/90-19 TT 57M.

Special features

Car tires can be enforced. They can be manufactured using Run Flat. Motorcycle tires can be made only for the front, or for the rear. They can require tubes, or run tubeless. They can be certified for different motorcycle brands. Our algorithms know that.


We offer our solution to manufacturers and sellers of new tires, hence in our reports, we omit any data regarding used or retreaded tires. For this purpose, we have created a language analysis algorithm, which verifies a name and description of the given offer and the proportion of price difference.

Number of pieces on offer

Tires are most often offered individually by piece and this is the type of price PricePanorama lists in its reports. Some stores offer only sets of 2 or 4 tires. In order to allow for proper calculation of those prices, our algorithms recognize how many pieces of tires are being offered within the given listing.

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