Cosmetics and perfume

We monitor major Polish internet stores, including the internet stores of beauty supply store networks, supermarkets as well as online-only retailers, Ceneo and Allegro.

The scope of monitoring can be extended to any Polish or international stores and marketplaces.

Industry in numbers

We regularly monitor 28 online stores, including about średnio 33 thousand offers each on average.

We recognize the products of 8 400 brands. Most common brands include L’oreal, Bielenda, Joanna, Wella, and Maybelline.

About 10% od all offers are marked as promotional, with a discounted price.

We are in possession ofarchival data from over the last 12 months, which allows us to carry out trend analyses for the past two seasons.

Cataloging problems that PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Recognizing products

In order to properly catalog competing products which allows for comparing prices between stores, you need a way to properly recognize the offered product, its manufacturer, name, and key parameters

In this industry, we distinguish between several groups of products. We have designed over 30 algorithms that analyze the features of each product. In case of hair dye, we recognize the manufacturer, series, color number, in case of perfume we recognize the brand, series, type, and capacity of the container.

“20% free” or “buy 5 get 1 free” promotions

Many products in this field are offered in promotional containers. When one store offers a shaver in 5 piece per pack variety, another one may have the buy 5 get 1 free option on sale. Should these offers be included in reports? It’s up to our clients to decide and our algorithms and our Data Quality Management team make sure it all works as ordered.

Capacity conversion

In case of cosmetics and perfume, it is very important to recognize the correct container capacity. Our algorithms can recognize that “0.1L” is the same thing as “100ml” or “100 ml”.

Foreign names

This is one of the few categories where one product can be called completely different names in different stores.

Names of scents and colors are often provided in Polish in some stores, and in English in others. The PricePanorama Data Quality Management Team makes sure that our algorithms are supplied with proper dictionaries and can catalog these offers correctly.

Monitoring of Allegro and Ceneo

The industry is dominated by very strong offline sellers, such as supermarkets and beauty supply store networks. Most of them are also active online, but they usually aren’t present on Allegro, and often also on Ceneo. While monitoring Allegro it is very important to recognize sample products from full-value products.

What PricePanorama clients in the perfume and cosmetics segment say about our service

We use PricePanorama tools in our everyday operational activity related to price management. The company prepared dedicated reports specified to our order.

Tomasz Dylik

Head of Marketing

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