We monitor 27 major online shoe stores in Poland, including also international stores with offers in Polish.

The scope of monitoring can be extended to any international store.

Industry in numbers

We regularly monitor over 1 million offers of shoes, with Zalando being the largest outlet.

The shoe industry is one of those which changes their offerings most often. The largest stores add as many as 4000 product listings each month.

Cataloging problems which PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Recognizing products

In order to properly catalog competing products which allows for comparing prices between stores, algorithms recognize the type of the offered product. In the case of shoes, the key parameter is the manufacturer’s brand, type of shoe, and color.

We have designed algorithms that can recognize products based on all information included on a website as well as by visual analysis of the image. This way we are able to match prices for products that are actually identical.


In order to help properly manage pricing policies in the shoe sales industry, we must recognize both the product and its size. PricePanorama monitors the availability of sizes for each offer. When compiling our reports we take into consideration if the product is listed in e.g. children’s category, or among products for the ladies.

Manual verification

Software or artificial intelligence can’t achieve perfect results when products are very similar, or when they are presented on completely different photographs. That’s why for this business line all results in PricePanorama are reviewed by our employees who combine industry knowledge and the “human eye”, which allows them to differentiate between products which are as closely related as these:

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