Customer support

We offer support at every phase of co-operation, including planning and using the data we generate regarding the prices of competitors.

Cooperation with the largest retail chains in Poland has given us extensive knowledge of how this data can be used in the process of price management, as well as by purchasing and marketing departments.


At the stage of formulating our offer, we help to define the scope of the competitive environment. We suggest who should be monitored, how often the data changes, what might be the volume of the data, and how to organize work with PricePanorama in order to obtain the best results.


Once the service is implemented, the client receives a special instruction manual for PricePanorama, consistent with the system settings and requirements for the given industry. The PricePanorama support team is available daily in an online chat room to assist each user, in terms of using the system and analyzing the incoming data.

The use of PricePanorama is often preceded by a meeting at the client's office with key system users,to whom we present the solution and discuss scenarios for working with data.


Matching Guidelines

We communicate with the client whenever we have doubts about what products to consider identical. On the other hand, our clients sometimes need to submit comments related to the data they receive. That is why we have special tools built into the PricePanorama to support such two-way communication.


During implementation, we carry out the necessary integrations with the client’s data. We automatically download data from our clients about their range of products, which we are to monitor on competing sites. Our IT department provides full API documentation and prepares a reference code to demonstrate how to exchange data with our system. We have experience in working directly with tech departments.

Customized solutions

We offer an expansion of the PricePanorama application with custom functions that can generate analysis reports according to the individual requirements of our clients. We provide documentation, training, and support for users in this respect.

Data Quality Management

The quality of the data we provide is our main focus. In case of any doubts, our team is available every day to identify the problem and provide a solution as quickly as possible. We provide support through online chat, e-mail, telephone, and video conferencing.

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