Construction and interior decoration materials

We monitor major Polish internet stores, including the internet stores of home improvement markets and online-only sellers, Ceneo and Allegro offers.

The scope of monitoring can be extended to any Polish or international chain stores.

Industry in numbers

We regularly monitor online offerings of home improvement markets, including Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Obi, Bricoman, Komfort in a total number of 200 physical locations. .

Throughout the year the product offer of a single store may include as many as 14 thousand newly added products.

Aside from monitoring prices within selected stores we also observe product availability and the stock levels provided by the seller.

We possessarchival data from over the last 12 months, which allows us to carry out trend analyses for the past two seasons.

Cataloging problems that PricePanorama knows and helps to solve.

Recognizing products

In order to properly catalog competing products which allows for comparing prices between stores, you need a way to properly recognize the offered product, its manufacturer, name, and key parameters. Products in this field are highly differentiated. This is why we have created over 30 different algorithms, which analyze the individual features of each product. In case of paints, we recognize the type of paint, its manufacturer, and the capacity of the container, in case of power drills, we recognize the model, nominal power, and additional accessories, in case of sanitary piping, we indicate the manufacturer, model, and color, etc.

Converting sales units

Some products, such as tiles, or floor panels are offered using different measuring units across different stores. One store sells the product by square meter, another lists the price of a package or by linear meter. PricePanorama provides the possibility to recognize the offered sale unit and convert it so that the client can see the price listed on a competing site listed with the use of the same measurement unit they use at their own store.

Cataloging own brands

The biggest sellers often offer products under their own brands and names, which meet client requirements just as well as other known brands. PricePanorama allows for full flexibility to point out the products which should be omitted and to compare all brands together, or simply indicated key parameters of products, without the need to differentiate between brands.

What PricePanorama clients in the DIY segment say about our service?

Thanks to the dedicated reports we can effectively plan our pricing strategy. PricePanorama is a flexible tool that recently added several new features. We also appreciate their reaction time to our remarks.

Tomasz Paszylka

IT Ecommerce Manager

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