What is the process of implementation of PricePanorama?

We begin the implementation of PricePanorama with a meeting with the client and learning about their needs.
We also need to gather some key information in order to be able to estimate the cost and time of launching the dedicated PricePanorama service.


What assortment should we monitor?

The algorithms and infrastructure needed to recognize particular products in offers of the competing stores depend on what you decide to look for.

We will assess whether we have already developed similar algorithms, how complex they are, whether we need to include a new product catalog, synonym dictionaries, or image analysis.

Which stores, services should we monitor?

This is important for estimating the amount of data that we will process daily for our client. Some stores are technically easy to monitor, while others require very specific scanners. Based on the provided list of competitors to watch, we will assess whether and when we can start delivering the first reports.


What data should we provide?

Each person using PricePanorama has different expectations regarding the data they want to receive from our system. You can download information through our API and import it directly into your systems (IBM, SAP, Tableau). You can also download reports in the form of CSV and Excel files.

Now we can begin

Once we have this information, we prepare an offer broken down into specific assortment categories to be monitored. The categories correspond to the algorithms that we must create. We usually offer the implementation of these algorithms on a monthly basis. During this time we work with industry experts on the client’s side who take part in defining matching criteria for the algorithms and verify the quality of the reports we generate.

We start the implementation after signing the contract confirming all the agreed conditions.


As part of the implementation process of PricePanorama, we provide employee training on how to effectively implement and use our system, how to download data through API with the help of the IT department.

The training is delivered on the client’s premises, as well as on-line, with the use of Skype or Google Meet.

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