We monitor 21 788 960 offers in 11 333 shops

Monitoring of online stores

In PricePanorama type the addresses online shops that you want to monitor. Our system on a daily basis will be looked through these shops and collect data about the offer, in order to provide You a report with key information about what products are sold that have been added to deals that have changed the price or availability.

Monitoring of prices and availability of products

Specify the names of products whose prices and availability you want to monitor in the online shops. PricePanorama report will tell you in which online stores are offered and at what prices. You'll see how to change price trends, and even the availability of products.

Dedicated reports

Group Manubia, owner of PricePanorama, research the e-commerce market for the last three years. We have a unique data and expertise that allow you to prepare reports covering the whole industries and even the entire Polish market of e-commerce.

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